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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The NIRA Skincare Laser?

The NIRA Skincare Laser is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. We use the same advanced laser technology as professional dermatologists to stimulate collagen production to plump the skin and smooth wrinkles. You use NIRA 2 minutes a day to treat wrinkles around the eyes for visible results in 60 to 90 days!

How do I know the laser is working?

If you feel the warming sensation of the NIRA Skincare Laser, the laser is working. To get the results illustrated on our website, you need to use the laser routinely, 40 pulses per eye, per day. A successfully delivered pulse is confirmed by 2 beeps. The initial beep indicates the beginning of the pulse and the second beeps indicates the completion of that one pulse.
Note: If you hear the initial pulse followed by the error tone, the pulse was not complete. Readjust the device and be sure the face of the laser is fully pressed against the skin and fire the laser again.

How long will it take to start seeing results and what should I expect to see?

Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum will immediately leave your skin feeling renewed and hydrated. With The NIRA Skincare Laser, you will begin to see results after 60 days, and see great results after 90 days. The NIRA Skincare Laser works similarly to exercise and muscle, it takes time for the collagen to rebuild and the best results are seen with continued routine use.

What laser treatment in the Dermatologist’s office is this equivalent to?

Over time, results from the NIRA’s non-fractional laser technology is equivalent to the results of a professional fractional laser treatment, but without the pain, redness, and costly treatments.

Can I use other skincare products with the NIRA Skincare Laser (such as serums or retinoids)?

Yes, the NIRA Skincare Laser can be used with other skincare products. You may use any facial cleanser prior to using The NIRA Skincare Laser, and we recommend using a sunscreen daily. The Laser should be used on clean, dry, healthy skin. However, we recommend including the Hyaluronic Acid Advanced Serum after each treatment to improve skin tone and texture, promote collagen growth, and to lift and firm skin.

Can I use the Skincare Laser on other areas of my face and see results?

The NIRA Skincare Laser has been FDA Cleared only for wrinkles around the eyes.
We are FDA cleared to advertise for results within the eye area, however, we have many clients that have seen improvements with acne, puffiness, wrinkles around the mouth/forehead and other blemishes on the face when consistently using the NIRA Skincare Laser. The NIRA reverses loss of collagen using a non-fractional and non-linear laser to gently heat the dermis and promote new collagen growth. However, until we secure FDA clearance for these areas we cannot guarantee results.

When will the NIRA app be available for iOS and Android devices?

The app is expected to launch during the Summer of 2020!

Is the NIRA cruelty-free?

The NIRA Skincare Laser and Hyaluronic Acid are both cruelty-free products that have never been tested on animals.

How does the NIRA Laser compare to the professional lasers at the dermatologist office?

Most dermatologists use fractional lasers at wavelengths up to 1550 nm. NIRA uses the same semiconductor laser diodes tuned at 1450 nm which allows peak absorption in the dermis layers. NIRA uses a lower power per unit area and a non-fractional approach to avoid pain and erythema (redness) and spreads the energy over daily treatments over the course of a month, whereas the dermatologist typically treats with all the energy in one visit per month. Over time, the NIRA device puts in more energy than most professional treatments do in a single visit and NIRA generates equal or more skin rejuvenation.

What does the NIRA Skincare Laser feel like?

The NIRA Skincare Laser feels like a warm pulsing sensation on your skin. It should feel warmth, not pain. Five settings enable you to adjust the laser to your skin sensitivity. As long as you feel warmth during treatment, you are getting the benefits of the Skincare Laser.

How many pulses am I supposed to use per treatment area?

We recommend 40 pulses for each eye area daily. For expedited results, the Laser can be used twice a day. We recommend waiting at least 1-minute before retreating each area.

Can I treat each area more than once per day with the NIRA Laser?

You may treat twice per day for possible enhanced results, we recommend waiting at least 1-minute before retreating each area.

What if I stop using the NIRA Skincare Laser temporarily for a week or so while traveling?

If you need to stop using the NIRA Skincare Laser temporarily that is fine. Just start using it again when you return. However, the device does travel well, so you can always take it with you! If you stop using the Laser during your initial 90 days, your results will most likely be affected.

Can I use the NIRA Skincare Laser every other day and just double my pulses?

For optimal results, we recommend using the NIRA Skincare Laser twice a day; in the morning and evening after cleansing and drying your face. However, if you can only use it every other day, then doubling your number of pulses will help you get the treatment needed to help promote collagen growth and give you younger-looking skin.

Do I need to use the NIRA Laser forever?

The NIRA Skincare Laser helps build new collagen, which is being depleted every day by natural aging, pollutants and sun exposure. Once you stop using the program, your collagen production will slow after a couple months, causing visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. Ongoing use of the program will help build new collagen and fight future signs of aging. Think of it like brushing your teeth. No matter how healthy and white your teeth are, once you stop brushing they will become dirty and discolored.

What happens if I stop using it?

You will likely start seeing more visible signs of aging over time if you stop treatments. Your collagen will continue to break down from age, sun, and pollutants, and new collagen growth will no longer be stimulated. We recommend using the NIRA Laser daily to continue to promote collagen growth and a more even, bright complexion.

Does the NIRA Laser continue to generate new collagen?

As long as you keep using the NIRA Skincare Laser as recommended, collagen growth will continue to be stimulated.

After 3 months, do I still need to use the Program every day?

We recommend using it every day to continue to promote collagen growth and a more even, bright complexion.

Is it safe?

The NIRA Skincare Laser is safe to use and has been tested clinically on hundreds of women and men to achieve FDA clearance.

Can I use it on sensitive skin?

Yes, the NIRA Skincare Laser has 5 settings so you can adjust it to your compliment your sensitivity level.

Can I use the NIRA Skincare Laser on dark skin?

Yes, you can use the NIRA Skincare Laser on all skin types. This laser was designed to NOT be affected by melanin.

Can I use NIRA if I have had skin cancer in the past?

NIRA is recommended to be used on healthy intact skin. If you have experienced skin cancer in the past, you should discuss this matter with your physician before using the NIRA device to ensure the best safety and performance.

Can I use the Skincare Laser without the Skincare Products?

Yes. The NIRA Serum is designed to complement the laser treatments but is not required.

Are there any side effects?

Though not common, the Skincare Laser may cause some temporary redness immediately after use but that should fade within a few minutes. A small portion of users may also experience mild stinging and discomfort. Please see the NIRA Skincare Laser instructions for use for a full list of possible side effects, indications, cautions, and precautions.

How deep does the laser penetrate the skin?

The laser penetrates into the papillary layer of the dermis, heating the dermis to promote collagen growth.

Can you use the NIRA after treating the skin with the derma roller?

Typically the derma roller is not used close to the eye so you should be able to treat with both. We recommend refraining from using the laser on the skin that is broken and waiting until it is healed before using the laser.

Can you use the NIRA after treating the skin with the derma roller?

Typically the derma roller is not used close to the eye so you should be able to treat with both. We recommend refraining from using the laser on the skin that is broken and waiting until it is healed before using the laser.

Can NIRA Laser treatments be used on mild rosacea (pink sometimes reddish areas but no texture or bumps)? Are there any contra-indications if used on rosacea?

We have no evidence to support any contraindications in regards to Rosacea. We always recommend consulting with your physician and to refrain from use on broken or damaged skin.

Can the NIRA Laser treatments be used on skin with vitiligo?

NIRA uses a wavelength that is absorbed by water in the dermis, triggering cell renewal. Because the laser is absorbed by water the pigment/melanin is not affected during treatment.

If I am planning cosmetic procedures (botox, fillers, injectable, IPL, or hair removal) can I use the NIRA Laser?

Yes, however, we always recommend letting your physician or skincare professional know that you are using the NIRA Skincare Laser prior to receiving any treatments.

Can I go in the sun if I am using the NIRA Skincare Laser?

We have no evidence to suggest that the laser will cause sensitivity to the sun; however, we always suggest wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Is this device permanently usable or does it have a limited number of uses as other laser devices?

The NIRA Laser is currently sold for unlimited usage. It is a solid-state device with no moving parts which makes it highly reliable and should provide many years of unlimited usage under normal operating conditions. The control board and battery are likewise designed with high reliability and performance in mind. The NIRA Laser will typically run over 4 weeks of daily usage between battery charges. The battery itself is designed for many years of continuous use with periodic recharging.

What is the specific measurement of joules per pulse?

The NIRA Skincare Laser uses up to 475 mJ (or 0.5 Joules) of energy per pulse which is up to 3 J/cm2. Of course, the lower settings have less power, so the range of energy from the lowest to the highest power is 345 to 475 mJ with corresponding energy/area range of 2.2 to 3.0 J/cm2. The details by the ‘NIRA power level are listed below. Let me know if you need anything else.

How do I connect my device to the computer or phone?

To connect the NIRA Skincare Laser to your phone, simply pair it as a Bluetooth device by pressing both buttons. See the NIRA Skincare Laser Instructions for use for directions and further information.

My device won’t turn on?

If your device will not turn on, try to charge it for > 1 hour. If this does not fix the problem, reset the device by holding the power button for 15 seconds.

What if my Skincare Laser stops working?

If your NIRA Skincare Laser stops working, please check that it is turned on and that it is charged. Please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) under “troubleshooting” for more details. Contact customer service if you cannot resolve the issue

How do I know when the battery is low?

If your battery is 50-100% charged when you turn on your device, both lights above your charger port will be on. If the laser is less than 50% charged, the top light will not be illuminated. If you are about to lose your charge, then the bottom light will flash. To charge your device, plug your medical grade charger into a power outlet.