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What is the NIRA Precision Laser?

The NIRA Precision Laser is the first and only painless at-home laser that is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. With a small enough precision tip, it's the perfect portable skincare device to target small treatment areas, such as crow's feet, in just 2 minutes a day.

NIRA uses patented, non-fractional laser technology to stimulate natural collagen production - resulting in professional facial wrinkle reduction without the pain, redness, or downtime. The treatment is simple, fast, and effective - and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

How do I know the laser is working?

If you feel a warming sensation when using the NIRA, the laser is working. To get the results illustrated on our website, you need to use the laser routinely, 40 pulses per eye, per day. A successfully delivered pulse is confirmed by 2 beeps. The initial beep indicates the beginning of the pulse and the second beeps indicates the completion of that one pulse.

Note: If you hear the initial pulse followed by the error tone, the pulse was not complete. Readjust the device and be sure the face of the laser is fully pressed against the skin and fire the laser again.

How long will it take to start seeing results and what should I expect to see?

Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum will immediately leave your skin feeling renewed and hydrated. With the NIRA Precision Laser, you will begin to see results after 60 days and see great results after 90 days. NIRA Precision Laser works similarly to exercise and muscle, it takes time for the collagen to rebuild and the best results are seen with continued routine use.

What laser treatment in the Dermatologist’s office is NIRA equivalent to?

Over time, results from the NIRA’s non-fractional laser technology is equivalent to the results of a professional fractional laser treatment, but without the pain, redness, and costly treatments.

Can I use other skincare products with the NIRA Precision Laser (such as serums or retinoids)?

Yes, NIRA Precision can be used with other skincare products. You may use any facial cleanser prior to using the NIRA Precision Laser, and we recommend using a sunscreen daily. The laser should be used on clean, dry, healthy skin. However, we recommend using our all-natural Hyaluronic Acid Serum after each treatment to lock in moisture, diminish the appearance of aging, and drive antioxidant activity - resulting in softer, smoother, and firmer looking skin.

Can I use the NIRA Precision Laser on other areas of my face and see results?

The NIRA Precision Laser has been FDA-Cleared only for wrinkles around the eyes. We have many clients that have seen improvements with acne, puffiness, wrinkles around the mouth/forehead and other blemishes on the face when consistently using the NIRA Precision Laser. However, until we secure FDA clearance for these areas, we cannot guarantee results.

Is there a NIRA app?

The second version of our app will be available in the iOS app store soon.

Is the NIRA cruelty-free?

How do NIRA lasers compare to professional lasers at the dermatologist's office?

Lasers have been used in the dermatology space since 1960 and are proven to have numerous skin benefits, one of the biggest being that they reduce wrinkles. Most facial lasers either at-home or in-office are called "fractional lasers". Fractional lasers work by destroying columns of tissue causing skin cells to die, which signals your body to produce more collagen to repair the damaged skin. This process causes redness to the skin, inflammation, pain, and downtime. Most dermatologists use fractional lasers at wavelengths up to 1550 nm.

Our technology is different. It's the first and only painless, non-fractional at-home laser treatment that is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With five comfort levels to adjust to skin sensitivity, it's now possible to achieve the same great results as you would in-office, but at a fraction of the price, and without any pain or irritation.

NIRA uses the same semiconductor laser diodes tuned at 1450 nm which allows peak absorption in the dermis layers. NIRA uses a lower power per unit area and a non-fractional approach to avoid pain and erythema (redness) and spreads the energy over daily treatments over the course of a month, whereas the dermatologist typically treats with all the energy in one visit per month. Over time, the NIRA device puts in more energy than most professional treatments do in a single visit and NIRA generates equal or more skin rejuvenation.

Read more about how NIRA's laser technology works here.

Where is NIRA sold?

NIRA is sold in the United States on and on Amazon. NIRA is also sold through authorized distributors and retailers in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

NIRA is currently expanding to other locations. If you would like to receive an email when NIRA is available in your area, please join our newsletter and we will be sure to update you.


If I use the NIRA Laser on a higher pulse level, does it mean that I will see results faster?

If you are feeling warmth, then the NIRA Laser is working. We do not have official testing that proves that using the NIRA Laser at a higher level will decrease the amount of time needed for results. However, we have had users report seeing results faster when using the device at a higher level, sensitivity permitting.

After 3 months, do I still need to use NIRA every day?

We recommend using it every day to continue to promote collagen growth and a more even, bright complexion. The NIRA can be used twice a day, morning and night, if preferred.

What happens if I stop using NIRA?

You will likely start seeing more visible signs of aging over time if you stop treatments. Your collagen will continue to break down from age, sun, and pollutants, and new collagen growth will no longer be stimulated. We recommend using the NIRA Laser daily to continue to promote collagen growth and a more even, bright complexion.

Does the NIRA Laser continue to generate new collagen?

As long as you keep using the NIRA Laser as recommended, collagen growth will continue to be stimulated.

Do I need to use the NIRA Laser forever?

The NIRA Laser helps stimulate new collagen, which is being depleted every day by natural aging, pollutants and sun exposure. Once you stop using the program, your collagen production will slow after a couple months, causing visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. Ongoing use of the program will help build new collagen and fight future signs of aging. Think of it like brushing your teeth. No matter how healthy and white your teeth are, once you stop brushing they will become dirty and discolored.

Can I use the NIRA Laser every other day and just double my pulses?

For optimal results, we recommend using the NIRA Laser twice a day; in the morning and evening after cleansing and drying your face. However, if you can only use it every other day, then doubling your number of pulses will help you get the treatment needed to help promote collagen growth and give you younger-looking skin.

What if I stop using the NIRA Laser temporarily for a week or so while traveling?

Can I treat each area more than once per day with the NIRA Laser?

How many pulses am I supposed to use per treatment area?

What does the NIRA Laser feel like?


Can I go in the sun if I am using the NIRA Precision Laser?

If I am planning cosmetic procedures (botox, fillers, injectable, IPL, or hair removal) can I use the NIRA Laser?

Can the NIRA Laser treatments be used on skin with vitiligo?

Can NIRA Laser treatments be used on mild rosacea (pink sometimes reddish areas but no texture or bumps)? Are there any contra-indications if used on rosacea?

Can you use the NIRA after Ultherapy treatment?

Can you use the NIRA after treating the skin with the derma roller?

How deep does the laser penetrate the skin?

Are there any side effects?

Can I buy the Hyaluronic Acid Serum without the NIRA Laser?

Can I use the Laser without the Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

What percentage of Hyaluronic Acid is in your serum?

Can I use NIRA if I have had skin cancer in the past?

Can I use the NIRA Laser on dark or tan skin?

Can I use it on sensitive skin?

Is it safe?

Technology & Science

Is this device permanently usable or does it have limited uses like other laser devices?

What is the specific measurement of joules per pulse?

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What if I'm getting excessive rejections?

The device needs to be placed completely against the skin to fire. After positioning the device on the skin, keep it stationary during each laser pulse. Always use the NIRA Precision Laser on clean, dry skin.

If you need to troubleshoot an issue with the device itself, here's how:

  • Turn the device off and then on again. (This recalibrates the capactive sensors.) For a full reboot, hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
  • Press the device completely against the skin (making contact with all 3 capacitive sensors). You do not need to press hard. The laser will fire even if only lightly touching.
  • Do not move the device until each pulse is complete.

What if my NIRA Precision Laser stops working?

What if my device won’t turn on?

How do I know when the battery is low?

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Where is my order?

Once your order ships from our local production facility in Danvers, MA, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

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My order is delayed. When does your 90-day money back guarantee begin?

Where do you ship from?

All orders ship directly from Danvers, Massachusetts, where product assembly, programming, and testing are all done! Each product is made with the highest attention to quality and detail.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, all US orders are eligible for FREE shipping (5–7 weeks).

It shows that my package was delivered but I do not have it, what do I do?

Please contact your local USPS post office. When you call them, please make sure you have the tracking number handy so they can look it up for you. They will be able to provide some more information about where it was delivered and can hopefully help you locate it. If USPS is unable to locate your package, please email us directly at

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