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Compare At Home Anti-Aging Devices

by Christa Elliott

Compare At Home Anti-Aging Devices

The signs of aging are something we all worry about, especially as we get older.

In the past, the only way to receive anti-aging treatments was to go to a Surgeon or Dermatologist, which can be both expensive and painful. Now, there are all kinds of at-home anti-aging devices that promise great results.

But how can you tell which ones will work? It can be frustrating when you don't see results after spending lots of money and time with a product.

Let's compare the best ways to get younger looking skin at home, according to science.

Red light LED Therapy for Anti-Aging

Red Light Therapy is a form of treatment that uses light-emitting diode (LED) or Low Level Laser (LLL) therapy to stimulate cellular activity to reduce wrinkles. Many Red Light LED Therapy devices also claim to stimulate blood circulation and restore and heal damaged skin cells.

Red Light Therapy involves shining a red light on your skin at the approximate wavelength of 660 nm (out of Ultraviolet range).

When compared to laser treatments, Red Light LED Therapy has been found to be less effective as it uses a lower-energy, less targeted beam of light. A couple other downsides are that eye protection is required during treatment and that treatments can only be done twice per week.

Fractional Laser Therapy for Anti-Aging

There are a handful of lasers currently on the market; they are what the industry calls fractional lasers.

Fractional lasers, like the Tria Age-Defying Laser, treat multiple signs of aging on the entire face and stimulate collagen and elastin growth. However, they work by destroying columns of tissue, denaturing the skin cells so that they die, which gives your body the signal to start producing more collagen to make up for the dead cells and destroyed tissue.

Because of the destructive nature of fractional lasers, blood vessels often burst which causes redness in the skin, in addition to inflammation and swelling from the tissue damage. When a fractional laser hits a nerve, it causes severe pain, as the laser has highly irritated the nerve as it tries to destroy tissue.

Microdermabrasion for Anti-Aging

Microdermabrasion involves using a mildly abrasive tool to gently remove the top layer of the skin. It can exfoliate the skin, reduce signs of aging, fade dark spots and scars, and help the skin appear more even in tone and texture.

Because of the removal of the top layer of skin, common side effects of microdermabrasion include mild tenderness, swelling, and redness as well as bruising.

When compared to laser treatments microdermabrasion is a very effective form of exfoliation that leaves your skin looking brighter and healthier. Laser energy, on the other hand, is powerful enough to penetrate the dermal layer of skin where serious damage resides

Microneedling for Anti-Aging

Microneedling is a dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.

There are a few side effects with microneedling. The procedure causes swelling, redness, and skin flaking, which can last for a few days. Skin will also be more sun-sensitive after treatment, so sunscreen is also advised.

When compared to laser treatments microneedling provides modest skin contraction as a result of the wound-healing cascade, but it creates much more bruising around the eyes than lasers do.

Non-Fractional Laser Therapy for Anti-Aging

The NIRA Skincare Laser is the 1st and only NON-fractional, anti-aging home laser treatment that is FDA-Cleared and clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The NIRA Skincare Laser stimulates production of new cells using patented P3 Technology that works by sending heat signals to the dermis layers of your skin. The NIRA Skincare Laser penetrates the lower levels of the skin, giving your body the signal to produce more collage without having to do damage to your already existing skin. No tissue damage, no irritated nerves, simply heat.

You don't experience any redness due to popped blood vessels, and no inflammation due to tissue damage. The NIRA Skincare Laser stimulates the natural collagen production process below the pain threshold, unlike fractional lasers which can be painful. Since skin sensitivity can range, NIRA also created five comfort levels so that users can adjust the heat intensity and feel warmth, not pain.

With the NIRA Skincare Laser, you can achieve the same great results as you would at a professional Dermatologist, but at the fraction of the price, and without any pain, redness, or downtime.

The NIRA Skincare Laser is the safest, and most effective way to look younger at home. Users of NIRA will begin to see results after 60 days, and great results after 90 days! Plus, try it risk-free with NIRA's 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee and FREE shipping for all US orders.

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