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Before and After Case Study Results from the FDA Cleared NIRA Anti-Aging Skincare Laser

Real Users, Proven Results

To obtain FDA clearance, rigorous clinical testing was conducted on 76 individuals of all genders in an independent, blinded study overseen by three medical experts to assess the NIRA laser's effectiveness and safety.

Displayed below are unaltered images showing real wrinkle reduction results from the study. Participants used the NIRA laser for 2 minutes per day over a period of 90 days.

Day 1
Day 90

NIRA is the first and only non-fractional laser that works to build natural collagen and reduce signs of aging without any pain or redness. Non-fractional laser technology has also been known to lift hooded eyes, even skin tone and texture, brighten dark circles, reduce the appearance of broken capillaries, and improve acne scarring.

What Customers Say

Outside of our clinical study, the NIRA lasers have over a thousand 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, and comes highly recommended by some of the top skincare influencers, estheticians, and dermatologists.

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5 Stars

NIRA is quite extraordinary.

It's now possible to achieve great results at home without any pain or irritation, and for a fraction of the cost of in-office treatments.

— Dr. Davin Lim, Award-Winning Dermatologist

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