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The Science Behind NIRA

NIRA uses patented P3 Technology to deliver professional wrinkle reduction without the pain or redness. P3 stands for Precision Protein Promotion. This technology works by gently heating up the cells in your dermis using laser light which causes the cells some limited stress, triggering the cells to release proteins and the body to rejuvenate and renew the dermal area.

The NIRA laser penetrates through the epidermis (outer skin) and is absorbed specifically in the dermis area where your collagen and elastin cells are located. The laser raises the temperature of these cells above the level of heat-shock protein formation but below the pain threshold. This process helps to maximize the signaling of cell rejuvenation, while avoiding skin damage and pain.

Laser Treatment Process

1. Laser Is absorbed in the lower dermal layer

2. Dermal layer heats up & stimulates natural collagen production

3. Cells rebuild revealing younger looking skin in 90 days, guaranteed