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About Us

NIRA was created to transform the home skincare market by brining professional dermatology-class technology to the home market. In 2003, David Bean founded SemiNex Corporation to enable high-power lasers to be used broadly in society by deploying semiconductor lasers into portable cost-effective systems. The SemiNex lasers transformed many industries including military targeting, professional medical lasers and surgical systems. In the 2000s, several companies started building portable laser systems for home skin treatment using SemiNex laser diodes, however, they were expensive, painful and often caused redness and other side effects. Although lasers were being deployed in home systems, the system technology was not good enough to enable wide adoption in the marketplace. So in 2003, David Bean, launched his next company to enable laser diodes be be deployed in full laser systems to address home skincare concerns in a meaningful and effective manner. the new company named Dermal Photonics Corporation was created to apply the best photonic technology to dermal applications. With 8 full years of research and development, Dermal Photonics Corporation launched the first NIRA-branded skincare laser. The NIRA skincare laser was launch in September 2019 as the first anti-aging laser that is clinically proven and FDA-cleared to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without pain and redness.


The NIRA product line will soon be expanding to bring professional devices to the home market for beauty and wellness applications using the latest science to create proven, effective skincare, and health products. The dream is just being realized and we can't wait to roll our new and exciting product each year to transform the beauty and skincare industry.

NIRA is located in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA where all products are designed, assembled and manufactured. NIRA is committed to the highest levels of product quality and customer service.


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