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About NIRA

About NIRA
NIRA is committed to improve the health and beauty of your skin. We believe everyone should have access to professional-level skincare at home and at an affordable price. NIRA brings you the same technology used by dermatologists, with an easy-to-use program that is enjoyable to use and guarantees results.  NIRA uses the science of light interacting with your skin biology to deliver natural and lasting results.

About Dermal Photonics Corporation
Dermal Photonics Corporation, the maker of NIRA, is a health and wellness company bringing professional skincare to the home market by using the latest science to create proven, effective anti-aging and skincare products.

In 2003, our founder, David Bean, created the core semiconductor laser diode technology used in professional medical systems costing $50,000 to over $100,000. Mr. Bean's first company, SemiNex Corporation, still provides the majority of laser diodes used by medical professionals around the world.  Dermal Photonics was established to apply the latest semiconductor laser technologies direct to the home market.  By harnessing innovations in both microprocessor and semiconductor laser technologies, NIRA now makes professional technology affordable, simple and enjoyable to use at home.







Dermal Photonics Corporation is located in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA where all NIRA products are designed, assembled and manufactured. Dermal Photonics is committed to the highest levels of product quality and customer service.

All high-value component parts of the NIRA Skincare Laser are designed and produced in the USA including the microprocessor, laser diode, and laser engine.  Product assembly, programming, and testing are all done 100% in the USA.