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Introducing NIRA Temp

As seen on WCVB Channel 5 Boston.

A Wearable
Smart Thermometer.

So you can socialize with
peace of mind.


It's a Thermometer

Exclusively Checks Your Temperature

Goes On Like a Bandage

Small & Comfortable, Set It & Forget It

Works 24/7: One Year Battery Life


Privacy is #1: Your Data is Yours Only

Family Sharing:
Share Data & Monitor Health of Loved Ones

Compliant with FDA Recognized Standards

Assembled in the USA


Real-Time Temperature Status & Alerts

Smartphone Integration & Bluetooth Connectivity

Reduce the Spread of Disease With
Early Fever Detection

Social Interaction With Peace Of Mind

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Monitor Temperature in Real-Time

For The Family

Real Time Tracking
Playtime, the gym, and the grocery store no longer have to be scary. You are in the know.

Fever Alert
Get notified at the first sign of an abnormal temperature.

Family Sharing
Connect up to 10 friends and family members for peace of mind.

For The Organization

Community Safety
Continuous, real-time group temperature monitoring to keep our schools and offices safer.

Early Fever Detection
Detect fevers early to help prevent the spread of disease.

Organization Alerts
Real-time alerts of any temperature changes in your community so you can take immediate action.

A Solution for Schools and Workplaces

Your organization is where the community comes together.

With the use of NIRA Temp in your organization, you have access to data to help protect against the spread of infectious disease. It also offers security and peace of mind to members of your community, knowing that measures are being taken to protect the health of your space.

You no longer have to gamble between keeping your community safer and keeping your business or school open. Be empowered with continuous, real-time group temperature monitoring.

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to ensure that you have enough units to cover all the members in your organization.

Orders shipping on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close

No more worrying.

Add friends and family directly into your app so can keep track of the ones that matter most.

Whether they are at school, in a nursing home, or at the grocery store, you can be in the know.

Peace of mind for the whole family.

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Our Story

During the COVID-19 quarantine, the world experienced what life was like without loved ones close. A new world emerged, where social interaction became a risk. As a team, we decided to put our heads together and do something about it.

We wanted people to be safer and together. That's when NIRA Temp was created.

Using the same microchip technology that we use in the NIRA Skincare Laser, we were able to attach that chip to a wearable smart thermometer, allowing people to take control of their health and be safer together.