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Youth Renewal
Peptide Cream

When used as a complete system, NIRA’s skincare products, in combination with our laser technology, offer a simple and effective solution to achieving your best skin at home.

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Achieve Professional Grade Results, At Home

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and even skin tone & texture with our clinically proven laser skincare collections.

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Meet The Award Winning NIRA Pro Laser

With a large enough tip to treat the full face, neck, chest, & hands, NIRA Pro is the fastest at-home laser for wrinkle reduction.

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Our patented technology has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by building natural collagen, and has provided thousands of customers with glowing results on their crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, marionette lines, smokers lines, and under eye wrinkles.
Woman Results On Face After NIRA's At Home Laser Treatment
“Better than injections

The results I’ve gotten from using NIRA are better than the results I ever got with injections.”

Beth, 65

Close-up of a woman's profile and her youthful skin after using NIRA's at-home laser
“Surprised at my results

After 2 weeks of using the NIRA Precision Laser, I can see that my eye wrinkles and hooded eyes are firmer and smoother.”

Cheryl, 65

Woman with reduced wrinkles and tightened skin after using NIRA's anti-aging laser
“It really works!

I’ve been using my NIRA Precision Laser along with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum consistency twice a day for 5 weeks. I have noticed a reduction in wrinkles around my eyes, the elevens & around my lips. Yesterday, I had no make up on & my sister commented on how smooth & clear my skin looked - 'like you’re aging backwards'. I’m so thrilled to have found these products.”

Frieda, 57

Woman After At-Home Laser Skin Treatment
“Wrinkle Free & Vibrant!!!

I am absolutely in love with my NIRA, I had major wrinkles under my eyes and dark circles; this beauty has given me my youthful eyes back!!! Highly recommend it, if you want to get those wrinkles under control in a non-surgical manner.”


Woman with Reduced Wrinkles Under Eye After Using the NIRA Precision Laser

My face has not looked this young or this good in more than a decade. This product was painless and delivered amazing results"


After shot of the skin tightening achieved from using NIRA's at-home laser
“I look young again

Very easy to use. Since I have been using NIRA Precision for two weeks, I have already noticed a difference in the lines on my face, and the texture of my skin.”

Beverly, 70

Close-up of a woman's profile showing off her tightened skin and reduced wrinkles

I've been using the new NIRA device for several weeks now and am so impressed! It's easy to use, quick and the changes I'm seeing already are wonderful. Tighter, firmer skin and a marked reduction in laxity. It's a 'must have' home treatment tool!”

Kimberly, 64

“Better than injections

The results I’ve gotten from using NIRA are better than the results I ever got with injections.”

Beth, 65