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What is NIRA Temp?

NIRA Temp is a small, wearable, Bluetooth continuous temperature monitoring device with disposable patches. The device monitors health and reduces the spread of disease by recording and transmitting body temperature information from the sensor to a smart device running the NIRA Health App.

How do I know NIRA Temp is working?

You know NIRA Temp is working when you have placed it on your skin and it begins to blink. It should begin to blink within one minute of placement.

Open up your NIRA Health App, and confirm your connection. Once it is confirmed, you know it is working!

When do I wear NIRA Temp?

It is suggested that you wear your monitor when out in public and at your place of school or work. This allows you to know that you are staying healthy during your social interactions.

It is also suggested that you put it on at least 30 minutes before you leave your home. This way, your monitor can notify you if you are a health risk to others, so you can socialize responsibly keeping the people around you safe.

How do I put NIRA Temp on?

Place NIRA Temp on a fresh bandage. Once it is attached, place the bandage on clean, dry skin in the FDA suggested placement: on your side, below your armpit. The arm should be relaxed along your side to enclose the device in the armpit. This placement gives you the most accurate temperature reading.

That’s it! Set it and forget it.

How long does a single bandage last?

Each bandage should last 24 hours. It is suggested to use a fresh bandage every morning.

Is NIRA Temp comfortable to wear?

Yes! NIRA Temp feels just like wearing a bandage. Once you put it on, you will forget that it’s even there.  

Why does the NIRA Temp take your temperature?

Your temperature is an indicator of a fever, which is a symptom of many infectious diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19. This is one way we can closely monitor and protect ourselves from illness.

Where can I buy NIRA Temp?

You can purchase NIRA Temp directly through our website and/or the NIRA Health App.

Where can I buy extra bandages?

You can purchase extra bandages directly through our website and/or the NIRA Health App.

Does NIRA Temp come with bandages?

The NIRA Temp and Bandages Bundle comes with one month supply of bandages (30 bandages). If you need to purchase bandages, you can do so through our website and/or the NIRA Health App.

Why am I supposed to put the NIRA Temp on my side under my armpit?

This is the placement recommended by the FDA. When NIRA Temp is placed here, you get an accurate reading of temperature to more accurately track your health.

Where can I download the NIRA Health App?

The NIRA Health App is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices.

Safety & Privacy

Is NIRA Temp safe?

Yes, NIRA Temp is safe to use and is suitable for people of all ages. The device is compliant with all FDA recognized standards and is pending FDA-Clearance.

Who has access to my data?

You do! NIRA does NOT sell or share data with any outside sources.

You have total control over who has access to your data. You can choose to share your health data with friends and family, so you can keep track of each others’ health.

You can also choose to share with your school and/or workplace. This allows you and your organization to know that the population is healthy, and that it is safe to be at school and/or work.

What else does the NIRA Temp track?

NIRA Temp only tracks your temperature. In some cases, the user may turn on location tracking so that your organization knows if you are on their campus or off their campus so they may determine action for those who need medical attention while on campus.

Public Safety

Do I still need to wear a mask if I’m wearing a NIRA Temp?

Do I still need to socially distance if I’m wearing a NIRA Temp?

Yes, NIRA Temp is not a replacement for social distancing practices. It simply makes social situations safer, bringing more awareness into the health status of the people socializing.

What is the difference between a health warning and a health alarm?

A health warning is NIRA Temp letting you know that it senses a change in your health status and that you should be proactive and aware.

A health alarm means your current health status is within the health risk threshold set by the FDA and that you should take immediate action.

NIRA Temp will walk you through the steps you can take to get the help that you need and keep the people around you safe.

If my NIRA Temp says that I do NOT have a fever, does this mean that I do NOT have COVID-19?

Not necessarily - NIRA Temp does not test for infectious diseases. It monitors one of the major symptoms of disease, which is fever.

Health officials are still learning a lot about COVID-19, and some people have been infected without showing symptoms. Having no fever is a good indicator of health but it is not a guarantee.

What should I do if I get a health warning?

Follow the health and safety guidelines from your local health officials. Wear a mask, social distance, and consult your doctor.

What should I do if I get a health alert?

You should take action immediately. Wear a mask (if you don’t already have one on), social distance, and seek immediate attention from a health practitioner.

If you are registered with an organization (a school or workplace), NIRA Temp will tell you exactly where to go and who to report to within that organization. For example, “See nurse in room 201 immediately.”

What should I do if I get a notification that a loved one has a health alert or health warning?

Contact that loved one to make sure they are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy, seek medical attention, and prevent the spread of disease.

What are the benefits of having my students or employees wear NIRA Temp?

With adequate use of NIRA Temp in your community, you have access to data to protect your community from the spread of infectious disease.

NIRA Temp offers security to members of your community, knowing that measures are being taken to monitor the health of your space. Health safety should not be a gamble.

Why does my school or workplace require me to wear a NIRA Temp?

Many schools and workplaces are requiring their population to wear a NIRA Temp monitor so that you and the rest of your group can socialize safely.

If a group wears the temperature monitors collectively, your organization can quickly become aware if a disease has entered the social circle and take action before it spreads.

What are the different purchase and implementation options for organizations? 

There are two purchasing plans to choose from as an organization. Organizations may purchase NIRA Temp in bulk and resell or distribute devices to members in their organization. This approach ensures that everyone in the organization receives a device in a timely manner and allows for quick compliance to policies developed by the organization around using the NIRA Temp devices.  

Alternatively, organizations may adopt the NIRA Temp product for their organization by policy then have members purchase devices individually from the NIRA Temp website or other retailers.  

In either case, each organization sets its own policy around use of the device and how members are expected to share data to enable the best social health outcomes. Here are some of the policy approaches that organizations are considering:

  1. (Highest Safety) Requiring 100% compliance of its members to wear NIRA Temp prior to arrival on campus and throughout each day on campus.   Further requiring users to share NIRA Temp data confidentiality through opt-in with the organization administration and also requiring location sharing relative to campus so the organization knows when any at-risk member is on campus.
  2. (Medium Safety) The same as above but with the NIRA Temp as an optional device that allows for fast-access onto campus. In this case, the NIRA Temp is seen as a “Fast Pass” onto campus. Others without NIRA Temp, will be required to be socially distanced as they approach campus each day and agree to a health screening including a manual temperature check prior to entering campus and possibly again at mid-day on campus.  
  3. (Lowest Safety) Strongly encourage or make the NIRA Temp as “required by policy” but use the honor system to manage compliance. The NIRA Temp program can inform members and their shared family members about the member compliance. Those members that opt-in to share data with the school allows the school to further track progress and remind members to keep good compliance. In this case, compliance and follow-up is only as good as allowed by members.    

For more detail on possible policy options see the table below:

The higher the compliance and the more data that is confidentially shared with the organization, the safer the on-campus environment. Sharing detailed location info and temperature data may seem extreme, however, schools are regularly required to keep similar sensitive data on vaccinations, allergies, and other sensitive medical information. With detailed NIRA Temp information on temperature, the school can catch potential health concerns earlier and with location tracking it can act faster.

How do I monitor the health of my organization?

Log in to your NIRA Temp account on your web browser or the NIRA Health Mobile Phone App to monitor your organization’s health statistics and manage alerts.

The dashboard organizes the members who have alerts and warnings with location and emergency contact information to allow for quick follow up and management of all health concerns. Administrators can drill into member health details from the Dashboard to see temperature trends, history, and detailed notes on a given member; all such information shared by the members via opt-in.  

Members who are not compliant in wearing their devices are listed for possible follow-up and group statistics include compliance rates, percentage of healthy individuals, percentage of individuals with warnings, and percentage of individuals with health alarms all over time. These group statistics over time help administrators spot trends as an organization and within subgroups.  

How does NIRA Temp compare to traditional health procedures?

NIRA Temp is proven to be more effective than traditional temperature monitoring, as it offers real-time continuous insight into the health of each individual user and your organization as a whole.

You can actively monitor your organization’s health status and take immediate action at the first sign of concern - reducing the spread of disease and the likeliness of your organization’s closing. NIRA Temp allows for safer social interaction in your space.

What happens if some of my organization does not wear NIRA Temp? Does it become ineffective?

Having full participation of NIRA Temp wearers is best as it gives the most insight into your organization. However, you can still monitor the health of your organization and reduce the spread of disease without full participation.

Learn more on our Organization page.

Is this a cost effective solution?

As we have readily seen, the costs of this pandemic is massive. Health costs in sickness and lost lives is tremendous. Losses in productivity and unemployment are historic. Given these unprecedented costs, we believe it is prudent to implement all reasonable personal protections to reduce the spread of illness.  

NIRA Temp is one level of protection which may allow organizations to quarantine and treat sick members as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a price of under $50 for a 1-year continuous-use device, the NIRA Temp thermometer is certainly something for organizations of any size to consider.