NIRA Ultimate Bundle: The Complete Skincare System

In the pursuit of youthful, radiant skin, NIRA emerges as a leader with its Ultimate Bundle. This 4-step skincare system seamlessly blends the power of at-home laser technology with best-in-class skincare ingredients for an unparalleled skin care experience. Discover how this expert-designed, all-in-one regimen not only addresses the visible signs of aging but turns back your skin’s clock with professional-grade products in the comfort of your home.

NIRA's Mission: Empowering Skincare at Home

At NIRA, we believe that your skincare routine should not only be fast and effective, but it should also inspire confidence with every treatment. NIRA has transformed anti-aging skincare by offering an all-in-one solution that blends the efficiency of med-spa treatments and powerful skincare ingredients with the convenience of an at-home system. Our goal is to set ourselves apart in the beauty industry by offering solutions that not only produce excellent results but also have strong clinical and scientific support. NIRA invented the world’s first painless at-home laser technology, offering a quick and easy operation that can be completed right in the comfort of your home. We’re committed to offering a complete anti-aging skincare system that attacks aging indicators at their root by utilizing tried-and-true technologies and formulas.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging System

The ultimate anti-aging skincare system for home use

4 products, 1 powerful skincare protocol. NIRA’s Ultimate Bundle has everything you need in your routine to age gracefully. 

NIRA Precision & NIRA Pro Lasers

NIRA’s skincare revolution is led by two pioneering devices: the NIRA Precision and NIRA Pro lasers. The NIRA Precision laser, distinguished by its precision tip, is the first and only at-home device that is FDA-cleared for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth in just 2 minutes a day. It’s celebrated for its targeted wrinkle reduction, notably diminishing crow’s feet, brightening under eyes, lifting hooded eyes, and tightening skin with no pain, redness, or downtime. The NIRA Precision received positive reviews and was named the #1 Eye Brightener in CurrentBody’s Customer Choice Awards. The New York Post called it the “best anti-aging device,” highlighting its popularity and efficacy among consumers looking for professional-grade results at home.

The NIRA Pro, with its larger tip, is designed for facial rejuvenation and body treatment, capable of addressing wrinkles on the full face, neck, chest, and hands in just 3 minutes a day. Both devices harness non-fractional, non-ablative laser technology to gently heat the dermis, stimulating natural collagen production and unveiling firmer, youthful-looking skin in 90 days. The NIRA Pro has been recognized for its innovation and effectiveness, winning the BeautyMatter NEXT Award for the best breakthrough beauty tool and being an honoree in the CES Innovation Awards. Additionally, NewBeauty voted the NIRA Pro as the best at-home laser, further solidifying its status as a leader in the skincare industry. These accolades, along with features in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Marie Claire, and Town & Country, highlight the widespread acclaim and trust in NIRA’s laser technology for delivering med-spa-level results at home.

Moisture-Lock Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Elevating hydration to new heights, NIRA’s Moisture-Lock HA Serum is a hydration multiplier, formulated with low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to replenish skin and amplify moisture retention by 1000x. LMW-HA activates fibroblasts for collagen production and skin repair, while HMW-HA enhances the skin barrier, preventing water loss and protecting against pollutants and UV rays. This all-natural, fast-absorbing serum is the perfect follow-up to laser treatments, designed to maximize results and reveal tighter, smoother, and more radiant skin.

Youth Renewal Peptide Cream

Experience skin that looks 5 years younger in just 60 days with NIRA’s Youth Renewal Peptide Cream. This deeply nourishing cream features a potent multi-peptide complex (3% Matrixyl®3000 + 2% Argireline®), clinically proven to boost collagen production by 258% in 60 days, leading to dramatic wrinkle reduction. Additionally, it brightens and evens skin tone, smooths texture, and provides deep hydration for instant skin renewal. Intended as the final step in your NIRA skincare routine, this cream works synergistically with the lasers and serum to enhance your skin’s transformation on your face and body.

Together, these components form NIRA’s comprehensive approach to anti-aging, offering a simple yet effective solution for achieving your best skin at home in just 90 days.

How to Use NIRAs Ultimate Bundle

Woman with youthful skin demonstrating how to use NIRA’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Collection

Using NIRA’s Ultimate Bundle is simple and integrates well into your everyday routine. Begin with the NIRA Precision laser treatment, which focuses on specific areas around the eyes and mouth to promote collagen formation. Then, use the NIRA Pro laser to perform a comprehensive treatment of the entire face, neck, chest, and hands. Apply NIRA’s Moisture Lock Hyaluronic Acid Serum to intensely hydrate and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Finish with Youth Renewal Peptide Cream, which nourishes and supports long-term skin renewal. This regimen not only tackles existing indications of aging but also prevents future wrinkles and skin laxity, resulting in a comprehensive approach to skincare. The complete treatment should take 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of areas you are treating, making it an efficient yet effective part of your skincare regimen.

The Science of Aging and NIRA's Solution

Illustration of a laser in NIRA’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Collection stimulating collagen production

Aging skin tells the tale of intrinsic changes and environmental impacts, beginning as early as our twenties. The natural aging process brings a decrease in collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and a host of other visible signs. Environmental factors like sun exposure, smoking, and poor diet exacerbate these effects, accelerating the degradation of the skin’s youthful components. NIRA’s groundbreaking approach targets these challenges head-on, not just addressing the symptoms but focusing on the root cause: the diminished production of collagen and elastin.

NIRA’s patented, non-fractional, non-ablative laser technology introduces a revolutionary method to combat skin aging. By emitting a 1450 nm wavelength optimized for peak dermis absorption, it gently heats the skin to just under 45 degrees Celsius. This precise temperature stimulates collagen production without crossing the pain threshold, offering a pain-free solution to skin rejuvenation. Unlike traditional treatments that deliver high energy in single sessions, NIRA’s lasers use a lower power spread over daily treatments for 90 days, providing more cumulative energy than most professional treatments in a single visit. This method ensures a gradual, natural collagen rebuild, renewing the skin from the inside out and revealing a youthful glow without downtime.

NIRA’s skincare line, featuring the Moisture-Lock Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Youth Renewal Peptide Cream, is designed to complement the laser’s anti-aging effects. The serum, with its 1.1% concentration of both low and high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, not only replenishes the skin’s natural HA levels but also ensures deep hydration and surface moisture retention. This dual-action formula effectively combats the visible signs of aging, leaving the skin instantly smooth, firm, and radiant.

The Youth Renewal Peptide Cream further enhances these benefits, leveraging Matrixyl®3000 to stimulate collagen and elastin production, significantly reducing fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and texture. Argireline® adds to this potent mix by specifically targeting dynamic wrinkles, offering a comprehensive approach to anti-aging. When combined, these products provide long-term skin health and vitality, in addition to immediate and long-lasting anti-aging benefits by moisturizing and nourishing post-treatment skin.

Clinical Data & Results

NIRA’s laser technology stands on a foundation of solid clinical evidence, with 99% of participants affirming that treatments are quick and easy, 93% expressing satisfaction with their results, and 90% willing to recommend the device to others. Our commitment to inclusivity and safety shines through the technology’s unparalleled compatibility with all skin tones, showing no adverse effects on darker skin tones or interference with skin melanin levels. This makes NIRA’s devices uniquely suitable for everyone, regardless of skin color. The lasting impact of our treatments is proven, with 70% of users maintaining their wrinkle reduction benefits for up to three months post-treatment. 

In addition to the amazing outcomes of NIRA’s laser technology, our Youth Renewal Peptide Cream has shown remarkable efficacy in clinical trials. The cream contains a potent multi-peptide complex, including 3% Matrixyl®3000 and 2% Argireline®, and has been clinically proven to increase collagen formation by 258%, resulting in a dramatic reduction in wrinkles – 44% less after just 60 days of use. It improves the skin’s ability to heal from expression lines, with young skin recovering at a 64% faster rate after 30 days. This data emphasizes the cream’s potent anti-aging qualities, which complement the laser treatment to create a complete skincare solution with apparent, long-lasting results.

Start the 90-Day Challenge For Younger-Looking Skin

Close up of two women with radiant skin after using NIRA’s anti-aging skincare system

With the Ultimate Bundle, NIRA is setting a new standard for at-home laser treatment and skincare. We invite you to join the 90-day challenge and discover the power of clinical-grade results from the comfort of your home. Experience a visible reduction in wrinkles, enhanced skin tightening, and a rejuvenated, youthful complexion. Prepare for compliments!

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