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How these Influencers Made Huge Strides with their Youtube Videos

Meet Dominque - an Author, influencer, and inspiration to women with a passion for skincare! She has built a community of 1.81M subscribers on Youtube, 367K followers on Instagram, and an engaged Facebook group.

Her commission soared from a single video, learn how you can do it too!

Dominique shared with her followers a Youtube video with her NIRA RESULTS! She launched her skincare tools routine video. Once her video launched, her fans were eager to watch it!

With her compelling “backed by science” skincare routine she was able to show her progress after five months of using her NIRA device. Dominque showed a side-by-side video of her results, Dominique saw a difference in her marionette lines and mouth area.

Angie Got & Flashy - A Youtube trailblazer with over 1 million subscribers. She is a true inspiration for women over 50, teaching women how to "age-gracefully".

Angie was able to share her authentic take on the NIRA Precision Laser. After using her NIRA for almost 90 days she was able to talk about her experience using NIRA around her under eyes, crows feet, and nasolabial folds. Angie explained how easy and user-friendly it is.

Meet Beth Snyder, a Youtube influencer: Fifty Plus Beauty that displays anti-aging tips to her 264K subscribers. Beth shares a love for all things 50+ beauty!

At First, Beth was skeptical at first to try the NIRA Precision Laser. seeing the tremendous results her fellow influencers were having with NIRA, she was convinced to try NIRA herself. After using the NIRA Precision Laser for 60 days she noticed a true difference in her eye and cheek area.

After using her NIRA Precision Laser for 60 days she implemented it into her everydays skincare routine and wanted to share it with her audience.


Meet Kimberly Montgomery, with her Youtube channel Pretty over Fifty inspiring women over Fifty to look and feel their best! Here she shares skin tips for anti-aging.

Kimberly is a 60-something-year-old woman who saw a massive improvement in skin elasticity once using NIRA. With this, she could share her NIRA journey with her audience. While showing her before and after photos once giving her NIRA Precision Laser 90 days.

Her authentic review was the final step her fans needed to place an order!

Meet Trina Ablus, Skin Guru, and beauty device queen.

Trina has an impressive following of over 31K on Instagram! She also has her Youtube channel, Beauty Beyond 40 with over 100K subscribers.

Here she displays expertise of women beyond the age of 40. She shows women in their 40's that injectables are not the only answer to progressive aging.

Trina wins over her audience with her extensive detail and transparency.

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How These NIRA Affiliates Achieved Remarkable Success Through YouTube

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, this group of influencers have reshaped the standards of aging, and sparked a powerful movement through their captivating content on YouTube. As fellow influencers, you can draw inspiration from their success!

These influencers, with their authentic and honest approach, have left a mark on the beauty community as a whole. As leaders in skincare, fashion, and life advice for women over 50, they have truly redefined what it means to age gracefully.

Dominique: Former TV Anchor, Author, & Encourager

Dominique introduced the NIRA Precision Laser to her viewers as a "skincare routine backed by science," explaining that NIRA was developed by laser industry experts. She positioned NIRA Precision as the perfect solution to everyday skincare concerns including dark circles, hooded eyes, eye wrinkles, and mouth wrinkles. She dove into the science behind NIRA's proven, patented technology with excitement, and shared her honest review about loving the results she has been seeing with the NIRA Precision Laser.

“Not everyone is into injections, being able to stimulate collagen is where it's at! The beauty is you have the power of science at home without the downtime or expense. I’m a big believer in NIRA and I can tell you that this thing WORKS!”

Dominique's inclusion of her discount code and link to purchase, her incredible high-quality before & after results and hard hitting claims like the quote above, proved to be the ultimate selling points. By following the aesthetic guidelines set in her collaboration brief - she created pristine content that continues to convert sales.

Dominique's transparency and dedication to science-backed approaches have inspired countless followers to join the NIRA 90 Day Challenge and achieve their own radiant skin transformation. She paired this video with an inclusion in her newsletter to her subscribers, boosting her commission earnings even more. Dominique has proven that the fusion of authenticity and innovation can really work wonders for one's success in the beauty world!

Angie: Beauty, Style, Anti-Aging, & Wellness Influencer For Women Over 50

Angie, A Youtube trailblazer with over 1 million subscribers, is a true inspiration for women over 50. Unlike many influencers, she doesn't partake in paid sponsorships - she promotes products she genuinely believes in for commission only, which gives her the ability to be as open and honest in her reviews as possible.

After beginning her trial of the NIRA Precision Laser, Angie immediately began seeing results and believing in the device. She began including NIRA in a series of YouTube videos about her skincare routine, which her audience immediately responded to. The YouTube videos that performed the best were those which showcased results.

"Even when I'm smiling I can see a reduction in the wrinkles directly below my eyes, and you can't get those wrinkles with injections! I'm giving NIRA the Angie seal of approval."

Angie posted two YouTube review videos, one after 67 days and one after 150 days. Both videos included her authentic review and "seal of approval", her results, discount code, and link to purchase. These two videos skyrocketed our sales in 2022, causing us to have to delay shipments for orders on our website for the following 8 months. Angie's consistent posting about NIRA solidified her position as an anti-aging expert, and maximized her earnings.

Her YouTube videos included demonstration of the device, and highlighted her overall experience with NIRA on areas like under eyes, crows feet, and nasolabial folds. To thoroughly document her progress, she meticulously created picture-perfect before & after photos that captured the remarkable changes she witnessed. Her commitment to testing at-home treatment tools in her daily skincare routine to share what works with her audience resonates deeply with her viewers.

Angie's immense influence and trustworthiness among her audience resulted in a surge of demand for the NIRA Precision Laser, emphasizing its credibility in the skincare device industry. Angie also maintained open and honest communication with her audience about any delays they would experience due to the sales surge. This helped to alleviate any concerns her viewers had, further validating NIRA's position as a trusted and effective skincare solution.

Angie Hot & Flashy's unwavering commitment to authenticity, meticulous use of before and after images, and her invaluable endorsement have solidified her as a leading anti-aging influencer in the industry. Her reviews and recommendations hold tremendous weight, making her an unwavering source of inspiration for women seeking effective skincare solutions.

Beth: Makeup, Skincare, Hair Care, Diet and Fitness Influencer For Women Over 50

Beth Snyder of Fifty Plus Beauty offers a delightful blend of beauty advice and anti-aging tips customized for individuals over 50. Through her fun, informative, and absolutely fabulous content, Beth's passion for all things 50+ beauty definitely shines.

Initially skeptical about the NIRA Precision Laser, Beth saw her fellow influencers sharing their jaw-dropping results, and it piqued her curiosity! Like a true adventurer, she decided to take the plunge and embark on her own NIRA journey.

After dedicatedly using the NIRA Precision Laser for 60 days, Beth experienced a transformation in her eye and cheek area that was hard to ignore. She was so excited about the changes, she proudly shared stunning before and after images. Those visuals speak volumes - not only do they show Beth's progress, but they also work like magic to convince others to jump on the NIRA bandwagon.

“The results I’ve gotten on my crows feet using the NIRA are actually BETTER than the results I ever got using Botox!”

With the NIRA Precision Laser becoming a staple in Beth's daily skincare routine, it's no wonder she's become one of the brand's biggest cheerleaders. Her unwavering support across all her channels speaks volumes about her genuine love for the product. If you're an affiliate, take note because Beth is the real deal when it comes to representing the brand with authenticity and expertise.

Kimberly: Skincare Influencer For Women Over 50

Authenticity is the driving force behind influential affiliates who truly make a difference. Enter Kimberly Montgomery of Pretty Over Fifty, who embarked on an inspiring anti-aging skincare journey at the age of 50! Kim is always on the hunt to find the ultimate anti-aging tools thjat will work perfection on her "virgin" skin!

Now in her 60's, Kim is a true believer in the NIRA Precision. In this video, Kim shows us how she incorporates the NIRA Precision into her daily routine. But let me tell you, it's not just the device that grabs your attention—it's Kimberly's infectious personality! Kim is the ultimate storyteller, walking her viewers through her typical morning, and describing how NIRA Precision is so quick & convenient, she's finished treatment before her coffee's even done brewing. Doesn't that sound ideal?

“NIRA has been a great part of my anti-aging skincare routine, it’s been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles - and I can attest to that because it has CERTAINLY done that for me!” 

When asked what advice Kim would give to aspiring influencers and affiliates, she commented "My best advice for ANY skincare influencer, is ‘consistency and patience - plus really good ‘Before Photos’ so you can track your success!" By including high quality results, you're making a more impactful statement about NIRA, encouraging buyers to send you that sweet sweet commission money.

Meet Trina Ablus, Beauty Device Expert & Skincare Influencer 

Beauty Beyond 40 is Trina's ultimate passion - here she shares unique skin experiences and all of the devices/products she uses to help her age gracefully in front of thousands! Trina's audience is used to seeing in-depth unboxing videos and device demonstrations, but have formed a serious love for NIRA through Trina's highly impressive results on her hooded eyelids. "I can definitely tell you that NIRA works! My hooded eyes are completely gone!"

Trina consistently mentions NIRA Precision on her channel, and has more results based videos featuring the lift in her hooded eyelids and reduction of fine lines under her eyes, which continues to add authority to her reviews & claims.

Trina highlights that there are many more convenient, cost effective ways for consumers to revive their skin - NIRA just happens to be one of her ultimate faves! Her transparency is her key to success; viewers know that Trina is trustworthy and her recommendations rarely ever flop - so you'll definitely want to take a few notes from this PRO!

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