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P3 Technology


NIRA uses patented P3 Technology to deliver professional wrinkle reduction without the pain or redness. P3 stands for Precision Protein Promotion. This technology works by gently heating up the cells in your dermis using laser light which causes the cells some limited stress whereby they release proteins which signal the body to rejuvenate and renew the dermal area. This cellular signaling happens when the dermis is heated to greater than 39° Celsius. The NIRA laser penetrates through the epidermis (outer skin) and is absorbed specifically in the dermis area of 100 to 500 microns deep which is where your collagen and elastin cells are located. NIRA specifically raises the temperature of these cells very quickly (within 0.1 second). Then the laser automatically backs off the power in order to maintain a temperature just underneath the pain threshold of 45° C, but well short of the damage threshold of 55-60° C. This process helps to maximize the signaling of cell rejuvenation, while avoiding skin damage and pain. Individual results will vary, since skin takes around 8 weeks to respond to this such signaling and rebuild new collagen. For this reason, results will appear in about 2 months and continue to improve from there with continued laser usage.

Laser Treatment Process

  1. Laser drives dermal temperature above 39° C where heat shock protein is formed, but below the pain threshold.
  2. Laser power is greatly reduced to allow heat to spread and stabilize.
  3. Laser power is increased a bit to gently raise temperature just below pain threshold.
  4. Once dermal temperature is just below pain threshold, laser power is backed off to maintain this temperature.
  5. Laser treatment ends, laser power is turned off and beep sounds. Dermal temperature slowly decreases over the next few seconds.
Dermal Response Process

Laser & Biology Operation

Laser & Biology Operation