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Introducing NIRA Temp: A Wearable Smart Thermometer


Introducing NIRA Temp: A Wearable Smart Thermometer

A New Normal

The world has had to adjust to a new normal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily activities that required social interaction now put us at risk. COVID-19 continues to impact communities locally and globally.

As a team, we decided to put our heads together and do something about it. We wanted people to be safer and together. That’s when NIRA Temp was created.

Our team was able to utilize similar cutting-edge microchip technology from the NIRA Skincare Laser and place it into a wearable smart thermometer - creating a promising solution for families, schools, and organizations.

“During the COVID-19 quarantine, the US effectively shut down all social interactions because of health and safety concerns. At NIRA, we wanted to utilize our technology to enable schools, factories, healthcare systems, offices and other organizations to resume campus activities in the most safe and effective way possible. Knowing that contactless thermometers are often unreliable and daily testing can be impractical and expensive, we knew that we could create something that worked better..."

-President & Founder David Bean.

Introducing NIRA Temp - A Wearable Smart Thermometer

NIRA Temp is a wearable smart thermometer that provides real-time insight into the users’ temperature and sends alerts at the first sign of an abnormal temperature.

With NIRA Temp, users can better ensure that they are healthy before, during, and after all social interaction to help protect against the spread of disease. Early fever detection and customizable alerts allow users to be proactive and take immediate, appropriate action.

NIRA Temp is simple to use, comfortable and effective. It can track the user’s health all day, everyday with a one year battery life. You can now monitor the health of you and your loved ones, being in-the-know with cutting edge medical monitoring technology.

NIRA Temp’s small size is designed for comfort and discrete use so users may wear all-day long without disruption to their normal activity. The wearable smart thermometer comes charged with a 365-day battery life and works 24/7 in a water-resistant, comfortable design.

"...The NIRA Temp thermometer is the proactive way to maintain a healthy community. It’s so simple and easy to use; you simply set it in the morning and forget it! Most importantly, it is accurate, secure and effective; with the NIRA Temp thermometer, you can feel more confident in social situations, especially within organizations where you know safety monitoring is the norm so that disease spreading is controlled.”

-President & Founder David Bean.

For the family or organization? We’ve got you covered.

NIRA Temp is a solution for families, schools, and organizations. Users can not only monitor their own temperature, but they can also share data with their families, friends, and organizations through the app’s opt-in features, providing peace of mind 24/7.

We all know that schools and organizations are where the community comes together. NIRA Temp empowers these close knit communities with continuous, real-time group temperature monitoring. Organizations can access group data through a cloud-based API and web-based organizational dashboard, all with NIRA Temp’s high-level of security and privacy using encryption and other privacy methods.

NIRA Temp is also applicable for use in nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare organizations where the risk of disease spread is greatest, the risk to patients is greatest, and the need for constant monitoring is most valuable.

For The Family

Socialize Safely
Playtime, the gym, and the grocery store no longer have to be scary. You are in the know.

Fever Alert
Get notified at the first sign of a health concern.

Family Sharing
Connect up to 10 friends and family members for peace of mind.

For The Organization

Community Safety
Continuous, real-time group health monitoring to keep our schools and offices safe.

Disease Prevention
Early fever detection to help stop disease before it spreads.

Community Health Alerts
Real-time alerts of any health changes in your community so you can take immediate action.

How NIRA Temp Works

NIRA Temp works in conjunction with the NIRA Temp App, which effectively and accurately checks users’ temperatures throughout the day when worn.

The process is simple - users must download the NIRA Temp App from the App Store or Google Play Store. To activate the device, users must place the device and adhesive patch onto clean, dry skin under the armpit. Once the device is placed, the NIRA Temp App will detect the device within 2 minutes. Once paired, assign the device to yourself or a loved one. Finally, begin monitoring in real time. It’s that easy!

Pre-Order Now Available!

The device is available for pre-order at for both individuals and organizations. The NIRA Temp device comes with a one-month starter supply of adhesive patches and free mobile apps.

Pre-orders for organizational devices include a 1-year subscription to the organization API and web-based organizational dashboard.

Orders are scheduled to ship in volume early August.

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